Fact Check Week

President Donald Trump

The first labor union was formed in 1881, and the American Federation of Labor was formed in 1886. Until the late 1950s, labor unions proved to be very useful in helping working people to keep from getting taken advantage of with long work hours, no benefits, and poor wages. The unions during this period really worked for the benefit of working Americans across the country.

Then things changed. The unions started charging more and more for labor dues and forced workers of companies to join unions whether they wanted to or not and said workers were forced to pay union dues whether they wanted to or not. The various union leaders around the country then realized that if they took a portion of those union dues and used those funds to support Democratic political candidates running for office, they could then influence those Democratic candidates to vote for rules and laws favorable to the unions whether it was bad for the rest of the community or not. People started to realize that their union dues in many cases were being used to support political candidates that they didn’t support but they had no choice where their union dues went for that support. That is when people started to wake up and realize that unions were no longer working for them but only working for the union leaders and the perks that they were getting from the Democratic politicians.

In her recent letter, union leader LaTanja Silvester talks about the deck being stacked against Louisiana working people because of the corporations, special interest groups, and their favorite politicians making all of the decisions. Being your typical liberal lobbyist, she conveniently forgets to mention the fact that some of the biggest special interest groups are the very groups that she mentions, such as the teachers’ unions and, of course, let’s don’t forget the SEIU of which she is the president of the Louisiana chapter.

Unlike the Democrats that unions often support in Congress, President Donald Trump is actually fulfilling his promises to the American people by creating more jobs across the country, reducing unemployment, and shrinking the number of people needing public assistance. On the other hand, many Democratic leaders support the job-killing Green New Deal, sanctuary cities, late-term abortion, free health care for all, including immigrants here illegally, free tuition, and doing away with voter photo ID. Unions take advantage of black and Latino workers while Trump creates jobs and job opportunities. That is why unions have outlived their usefulness today and are a financial drain on the poor and disadvantaged across our country.

Jesse Pitre

retired industrial sales