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Fans react following the NFC Championship as the Rams beat the Saints 26-23 in overtime to advance to the Super Bowl, Sunday, January 20, 2019, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, La.

I'd like to make an observation about the New Orleans Saints fans that I have not read in the national media. As I left the dome Sunday, there was a shared communal sadness. It was eerily quiet.

I shared the game with family and my season ticket Saints family that has sat by us for years. We all just said a stunned goodbye and filed out silently on our separate ways. There was no one in the streets overturning cars or setting things on fire to protest that the Saints were robbed of the NFC Championship Trophy and punching their ticket to the Super Bowl by one bad officiating call at a critical time in the game. There was no violence like we have witnessed even after victories in other major cities.

There was just a sadness for our team, coach and owner who worked so hard to get to the precipice of going to the Super Bowl. Yes world, the way New Orleans and its fan base responded was to start planning a parade for their beloved team.

I am proud of who we are as a Who Dat Nation and city.

Patty Prather



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