How many Keystone XL pipeline jobs are at stake in Louisiana? According to investigations from a respectable Ivy League university, no permanent jobs would be gained by Louisiana.

Sean Sweeney is a researcher at Cornell University. When asked about Keystone and jobs in Louisiana, Sweeney laughed and said, “I do not think KXL is passing through that state.” Sweeney added, “KXL is all about promoting fossil fuels.”

Russ Girling, CEO of TransCanada, was interviewed on ABC on Nov. 16. He said Keystone will bring 50 permanent jobs, 9,000 temporary jobs and 40,000 indirect jobs.

National Geographic offers several compelling photojournalism stories regarding the extraction of highly polluting tar-sands oil from Alberta, Canada. Native Americans from the region are stridently opposed to the TransCanada extraction in a 54,000-square-mile region of Alberta. Louisiana is approximately 54,000 square miles. A quick computer search into the devastated pristine boreal forest area of Alberta where tar-sands oil is extracted reveals the truth. Native Americans in opposition to Keystone are joined by thousands of U.S. residents in the Midwest.

Keystone is passing through the volatile New Madrid (Missouri) fault zone. The last eruption in 1812 made the Mississippi River flow north. Seismologists fear another quake that might splinter any pipeline, thus polluting the Ogallala Aquifer upon which millions depend.

What if a mega global corporation decided to exploit the entire state of Louisiana to extract a coveted mineral? Would any of the 4 million citizens and elected officials of this beautiful state be silent?

Vic Hummert

retired jail chaplain