Kudos to Dan Fagan’s “Cantrell does bidding against Israel” appearing in The Advocate of Jan. 17. His piece is quite illuminating ... albeit stupefying.

Letters: Editorial neglected key facts

It is challenging to accept, knowing what we know about the Palestinian/Hamas government’s unrelenting commitment to the destruction and liquidation of Israel, that New Orleans Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell would acquiesce to a Palestinian Solidarity Committee’s anti-Semitism resolution. But it appears that is what happened. And, compounding this iniquity, it would seem that most council members provided their imprimatur.

Can there be another explanation, other than anti-Semitism? Wouldn’t one hope so?

Perhaps one could proffer: benightedness. Or just being duped, but then that is a form of benightedness, I suppose. How could Cantrell, and council members, in effect, agree to stand in solidarity with a government whose charter still calls for the destruction and annihilation of the Jewish people?

But whether it is anti-Semitism or benightedness, it is ignominious. And it speaks poorly of Cantrell and her fellow council members.

Ron Rickerfor

retired subrogation manager

New Orleans City Council to reconsider controversial 'human rights' resolution