Dana Milbank’s recent article on the commentary page on Dr. Ben Carson leaves no doubt in my mind that Milbank is a liberal with his head in the sand. Because the doctor doesn’t agree with big government and the power grab going on, Milbank labels him as a divider rather than trying to wake the masses up to reality. I do agree with Carson that those who disagree with him are un-American and dangerous.

Any politician or media outlet that believes their loyalty is to this or that party and not to America is dangerous and un-American. Votes along party lines indicate loyalty to a party and not to America. This political correctness has gone way too far. Get a mind of your own.

As for the 50 percent who don’t pay any income taxes, it’s even worse to realize many of them receive a refund check for taxes they did not pay to begin with (this started back in the 1960s or 1970s).

How did we domesticate (get control of) animals? By controlling their food supply. Now, they are trying to get control of the American masses by controlling our medical services.

Everyone’s prayer should be that our representatives in Washington, the president and the media will acquire a backbone and be loyal to America and instead of to a party.

R.H. Pulliam

semi-retired accountant / farmer