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Advocate file photo of school desks.

The focus on quality education for the students of East Baton Rouge Parish is what compelled me to respond to a recent letter to the editor calling for a charter moratorium as the district works to solve fiscal challenges.

Two new charter schools coming to East Baton Rouge; 5 more applications reviewed Monday

While I recognize that the East Baton Rouge Parish School System may face significant funding difficulties in the coming years, I must caution against allowing issues other than a responsibility to ensure the best educational outcomes for students to influence the decisions of the School Board. Members of the School Board are elected with a mandate to deliver on the promise of an education that provides students with a solid foundation to reach their future goals.

Letters: Charters don't help public schools

I implore Superintendent Warren Drake and the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board to recognize the opportunity to use quality, district-authorized charter schools as one of many tools at their disposal to improve student access to a high-quality education. The charter authorization process is designed to evaluate a school’s ability to effectively serve students. During a recent meeting, the board approved the applications of BASIS Ed and Mentorship Academy. I applaud their leadership in putting families first. The School Board has been involved with the opportunity to approve charters for two of the most successful operators in South Louisiana in KIPP Public Schools and Community School for Apprenticeship Learning. Performance should be the bar by which we determine who is given the privilege of being entrusted with our community’s children. We have a responsibility to these students, and we cannot allow decisions of the School Board to be motivated by anything other than who stands ready to provide them with an excellent education.

Matt Saurage

Community Coffee Company

Baton Rouge