Much has been made over the past few years of the brain drain afflicting our state.

Educated young people are leaving more often than they are staying. In the meantime, Louisianians have elected even more conservatives to state and national office; so much so that there is hardly any Democratic Party presence left in state offices.

Are those two pieces of information unrelated, or coincidental? Hardly! One leads to the other and back again.

As educated young people have left the state we have become ever more conservative, driving out the next graduating class of educated young people, leaving us more and more? well, conservative.

Consider where conservatives have led us recently.

In Louisiana, students learn that science is not based on observable phenomena as it is taught everywhere else in the world, but on a student's set of beliefs.

In Louisiana, we don't need anti-bullying legislation, because some youngster may use a word such as faggot, and then the teacher would have to explain why that's bad and that would be the same as supporting the homosexual agenda.

In Louisiana, we want to look at collecting death benefits off our state workers and to sell off efficient state agencies to private business because it's a fact private businesses are free of corruption, profit-taking, incompetence and failure.

In Louisiana, we get a daily dose of taxes bad for jobs, tax cuts good for jobs in the face of former President Bill Clinton raising taxes and the economy expanding at a record pace while former President George W. Bush cut taxes and the economy finally collapsed into recession.

In Louisiana, we believe our congregations should be armed, just in case we need to show the love of Jesus to some evil-doer.

In Louisiana, our elected officials not only pander to the birthers, many of them are the birthers. Wasn't it just a few years back when conservatives wanted to amend the U.S. Constitution to let Arnold Schwarzenegger run for president?

In any given group of people, if many of the educated walk away, what does that do for the collective IQ of those who remain? And here in Louisiana those who remain elect who?

Yes, the best educated and the smartest of our young citizens are moving out of Louisiana. And that leaves us more? ah, conservative.

Paul Spillman


St. Francisville