In the Dec. 29 edition of The Advocate, I read that the Office of Motor Vehicle’s audit revealed that more than $200,000 had been stolen over 3 years.

Heather Prather and Angelle Temple, employees of the department, were arrested in early 2015. The Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s office spokesman said the OMV should “ask” the women to pay back the money.

How long has the OMV been in existence? I would think long enough to have answers about why it is ripe for fraud. On Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, state officials disclosed that the state’s financial problems are far worse than previously thought, adding, “we’re going to look at raising taxes.”

We need to first do more than “ask” for the money to be paid back, and, after all these years of the OMV’s existence, close the loopholes that tempt fraudulent activities.

Cynthia Litz


Baton Rouge