In 1948, the re-establishment of the nation of Israel within its ancestral borders fulfilled Biblical prophecy. Despite centuries of diaspora, demonization and the unimaginable Eastern European slaughter of two-thirds of the Jewish people, the nation of Israel was reborn!

President Truman, a believer in Israel’s God-given right to the land of their ancestors, led the international community as the first president to pledge his support.

The continued efforts of multiple U.S. presidents toward peace were repeatedly undermined at every turn by the duplicity of Arab leaders.

Israel has been concessionary to Palestinians, making generous land provisions and granting them equal rights.

Regardless, the radical Islamic world has ensured that Israel has rarely enjoyed a day of peace. The stated aim of Arab leaders is to annihilate Israel and the Jewish people. Peaceful coexistence with Israel is not on the agendas of the majority of Arab leaders.

Hamas and others of the same ilk disrupt the everyday lives of Israeli citizens and murder as many as possible, while using their people as human shields to protect their rocket positions.

Israel uses its rockets to protect its civilians! Israel warns Palestinians of retaliatory strikes in advance. Hamas encourages its citizens to stay in harm’s way. Israel honored a cease-fire agreement proposed by Egypt. Hamas did not. Hamas, typical of terrorist groups, lacks a moral compass. The intensity of Israel’s moral compass, although admirable, may prove to be to its own detriment, as it tries to protect not only Israeli citizens but the Arab citizens, as well.

President Obama’s actions belie his rhetoric claiming support of Israel. In 2011, Obama supported dividing Israel based on the ’67 borders, which would render Israel virtually defenseless. When met with too much opposition, Obama backed off, but now, emboldened by his lame-duck position, he continues to support this position. His treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly been embarrassing and disrespectful. Conversely, Canadian Prime Minister Harper has spoken out unequivocally in support of Israel.

Harper urged the international community to do so, as well, questioning Obama’s tepid responses. One news source opined, “It appears Israel’s staunchest defender and closest ally resides not in Washington but in Ottawa.”

Americans should recall the promises God made Israel in the eternally binding Abrahamic Covenant, particularly, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.” Americans, stand up! Fervently pray with friends, colleagues, rabbis, pastors, churches and synagogues. Speak out! Contact your congressman. Give to reputable organizations that support Israel. Finally, end where you began — in prayer.

René Firesheets

counselor and life coach

Baton Rouge