The killings in the school in Connecticut present us with a very revealing picture. It is a picture of an America that has been disarmed by liberal gun-control laws. If the gun-control freaks have their way, all law-abiding citizens will be potentially in the same situation as those innocent children and teachers. They could do nothing but hide, cower and pray while one evil man with a gun mowed them down.

One good person, with a gun and trained to use it, could have saved a lot of lives. Some will argue that if guns were illegal, that man could not have killed so many people with a knife or an arrow. Please consider this, however. Cocaine is illegal. Crystal meth is illegal. During Prohibition, whiskey was illegal. Driving drunk is illegal.

My point is that just because something is illegal, that does not stop it. Guns will always be available to bad people. Gun control, gone amok, will merely make law-abiding people defenseless targets for bad people.

And let’s not fool ourselves, there will always be evil people who will shoot defenseless people. Every law-abiding American has the right to self-defense whether it be from thieves, murderers or a tyrannical government. That is precisely why our forefathers granted us the right to defend ourselves using firearms.

Remember, most people who are victims of evil people with guns are not killed in classrooms or crowded theaters. Many are killed in their own homes or vehicles. American citizens must not be stripped of the fundamental right of self-defense.

What the gun-control people really want is a world without violence. We all know that is not going to happen, and a world with violence but without guns is the worst possible world for people who are physically weaker than others. The elderly and women would be especially vulnerable prey. There is an old saying that God made man and woman, but Smith and Wesson made them equal.

Radicals will try to use the evil perpetrated in Connecticut as a reason to disarm this country. I say it is a perfect scenario for why we must never be herded over that cliff.

R. Glynn Kelly

USPS retired