The latest report on carbon dioxide emissions might sway President Barack Obama’s decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline that will bring an unspeakable amount of carbon dioxide-generating tar sands oil to refineries in the United States.

The Associated Press report includes Granger Morgan, of Carnegie Mellon University, who said, “We are building a terrible legacy for our children and grandchildren.”

Those who focus on “jobs, jobs, jobs” now are rejecting the long view of history as more carbon dioxide is poured into our atmosphere. The gas will remain there for a century, and future generations will inherit our blindness.

In 1905 Svante August Arrhenius, the Swedish scientist warned of problems to come because of excessive burning of cheap fossil fuels. Fast forward to 1988, when NASA scientist James Hansen declared before Congress that global warming was a reality. Who is paying attention to Arrhenius, Hansen and thousands of other scientists?

“Storms of My Grandchildren,” by Hansen, is 21st-century prophecy for all who recognize those storms already are here. “Climate Wars,” by Gwynne Dyer, also is essential reading for anyone concerned about our future.

Vic Hummert

retired jail chaplain