The Republicans caused the deficit and the recession with their unnecessary wars, subsidies to multimillion-dollar businesses, tax cuts for the rich, outsourcing and deregulation. It started back when their god, Ronald Reagan, instituted “trickledown economics.” Assuming that the wealthy would help Americans get ahead with good jobs and education was the original foolishness. They stopped up the sieve with hundred-dollar bills and sent our jobs to China.

Now it is time for the greedy to pay for all these years of abuse of the middle class and poor. They messed up the greatest country in the world. The few moderates among them must coerce the tea partiers with the only thing they understand, money. That means no assistance from the national GOP for their upcoming re-election campaigns if they refuse to cooperate with the president’s reasonable plan to require the wealthy to do their part while ensuring that taxpayers get benefits from their money.

If they refuse, we will take care of the traitors at the polls. So, conservatives, enjoy your gym, health care and nice offices while you can, because if you mess with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, you will be unemployed after November 2012.

Rhonda Browning


Baton Rouge