Letter: Movie critic fails to recognize greatness of ‘Woman in Gold’ _lowres

Photo courtesy of the Weinstein Company -- Helen Mirren, left, and Ryan Reynolds star in 'Woman in Gold.'

Roger Moore’s critique of “Woman in Gold” in the Friday, April 10, issue of The Advocate was so off the mark, I felt obliged to write him about it.

My wife and I saw the movie; it was strictly 4 stars to say the least. All of the actors were outstanding, not to mention that Helen Mirren gave a performance which deserves an Oscar nomination for best actress.

Moore’s comment about her “trifling lines” just shows how little he appreciated the story of this woman.

She came from a privileged family in Vienna, had her world and family destroyed by evil incarnate and became the lovely, down-to-earth but genteel lady who could still bake strudel for the young lawyer she invited as a guest in her home to talk about the paintings stolen from her family.

For Moore not to recognize greatness in film does not say much about him as a critic.

Louis Trachtman


New Orleans