I have often said that when a black man leaves his house there is no guarantee he will return. Ahmaud Arbery was an African American male and at the tender age of 25 years old was shot and killed on Feb. 23 in Brunswick, Georgia.

Arbery went out for a jog and during his run was shot by Gregory McMichael, a white retired police detective. He said that Arbery looked like a suspect who had burglarized homes in that area. However, a report said that only one burglary was reported to police between Jan. 1 and Feb. 23. New information has come out that McMichael, while he was a police officer, was involved in a case concerning Arbery. Did he have to kill him?

This is a familiar story when it comes to us and killing. We looked like somebody, we were in the area or there was a former case against us.

The video of the shooting was taken by William Bryan, a neighbor who thought this would support the McMichael men. Wrong. He is now being investigated. Some are saying we do not know the whole story and that the video only shows part of it. Do you remember Rodney King?

The public outcry was such that only after 74 days were the suspects arrested. If the tables were turned and the victim was white, would it have taken 74 days to make an arrest? We know the answer to that question. This case shines a bright light on why African Americans and the police do not have a good relationship.

It is sad that we must give our sons and nephews a primer on Police Relations 101. Be compliant, do not make eye contact and always show your hands are a few of the rules. Even raising your voice could get you shot.

Black men are at risk every minute of every day. We are constantly in a survival mode and can never relax. Race relations in this country has taken another nosedive. When will this free fall stop?


education consultant

New Orleans