I am not a native New Orleanian. But I have lived here long enough to know the culture is unique, and the natives are proud of it. Tourists come from far and wide to experience what we relish in.

Now, we are going to change it to just another “vanilla cookie.” Who would come to see that? Leave the statues where they are, for goodness sake. It’s our history.

Other generations did not know what we know now. If not for history, we wouldn’t know where we came from, why and how to do better. Just removing the statues doesn’t change history, but it does take away the depth of the aura that surrounds this special city.

This whole city is like a museum, overflowing with traditions, past ways of living, characters who added to the stories and entertainment. Please think again at the long ago and the big picture. Don’t deny what is the heart of New Orleans.

Delores Dipiazza