This week finds our Republican Sens. Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy standing at the crossroads of American history. They follow an esteemed, historic list of American heroes who fought and legislated this nation into greatness, the envy of the world. At the same time, they serve in a body that is proving itself to be of lower esteem.

President Donald Trump has been impeached and is on trial in the U.S. Senate because he withheld aid to Ukraine in an attempt to force a fake investigation into a political rival for his own benefit in a presidential election and also for obstructing Congress by ignoring subpoenas and instructing others to do the same. In so doing, he blocked evidence that would certainly prove his guilt and is undermining faith in future elections and setting dangerous precedent for future presidential power.

A president without the checks and balances of Congress becomes a king, the very thing some of our ancestors paid in blood to avoid.

Both Cassidy and Kennedy, in spite of having sworn an oath to seek impartial justice and uphold the Constitution, have voted against witness testimony and presentation of evidence, some of which has come to light after the House impeachment took place. By doing so, they are complicit in the crime.

Kennedy and Cassidy should do the right thing and check this abuse of presidential power. They should redeem themselves and do their part to restore faith in American justice. They should honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution and vote Wednesday to remove Trump from office. History is waiting and the senators’ names, for better or worse, will be written there forever.



Baton Rouge