Mayor LaToya Cantrell listens to New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Shaun Ferguson during a press conference about the plan to reduce crime, at City Hall June 29.

In a recent article discussing Jared Brossett's entry into the council-at-large race, one line, in particular, stuck out to me: "With no sign that Mayor LaToya Cantrell will face a major challenger with political experience, name recognition or significant resources to burn, the at-large City Council race is expected to be the marquee contest on the fall ballot."

While we can have a discussion on the mayor's accomplishments on another day, we as a city deserve more than an uncontested race. We as a city are currently facing a multitude of new and old issues. Crime is soaring again, housing prices are becoming increasingly unaffordable, the golden goose of our economy (tourism) is still reeling from COVID-19, and our city still has no reliable solution to flooding. While Cantrell has accomplished many great things in her tenure such as securing more convention center money for infrastructure and having the best response to COVID-19 in the state, this record still does not afford her an easy win.

Without a contest, how will new ideas be debated and proposed? Just by judging from the ongoing City Hall move fiasco, the Mayor seems to be moved by public sentiment. If not one steps up to the plate in this race before the deadline, how can we as a city be sure that we are getting the best leader possible for the next four years?


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