The Grand Old Party of today is not the GOP I grew up with many years ago in Detroit. Everyone in my family, from grandparents on down, was an avowed Republican. Then, at some time during the past 40 years, the GOP and Democratic Party slid slowly to the right in ideology.

I believe the Democrats today are the Republicans of yesteryear. As a result, at first, I became an independent. Then, when I could not vote in primary elections, I changed again. My beliefs have not changed. I resonate with ideas such as: equal pay for the same work; respect for everyone regardless of religion, gender identification, ethnicity or income; and that peace is what we need worldwide.

Today, the GOP is moving so far to the right that I feel threatened. My entire life has been to foster awareness of the plight of being a woman. Early on, women were thought to be second-class citizens. They were to stay home and raise families since that was thought to be all they could do. Thank goodness for the feminist movement.

I embraced the new thought, the idea that a woman could be all that she wanted to be. We accepted the new challenges. Women became more prominent in professions previously thought to be only for men. Women learned to balance their family lives with their work lives. We were taking our place in the world.

Recently, we have lost ground and the new generations seem to be oblivious to that. I can only say, that if young women do not stand their ground, they will lose all that has been gained.

Mary Larson

retired CPA

Baton Rouge