COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire through our nation’s nursing homes. With the resurgence of the novel coronavirus in Louisiana, our nursing homes are at risk. Congress must take meaningful action to protect nursing home residents now.

The first U.S. outbreak of the coronavirus occurred more than six months ago — in a nursing home — but the death toll continues to mount without sufficient action from Congress and the administration. Hundreds of nursing home residents and staff are dying each day.

It is past time for our elected officials in Washington to enact a bipartisan five-point plan to protect nursing home residents and staff by providing adequate PPE and regular testing, creating more transparency, requiring access to virtual visitation, improving staffing and oversight, and stopping attempts to provide blanket immunity to long-term care facilities.

More than 56,000 nursing home and other long-term care facility residents and staff have already died from COVID-19. Congress cannot afford to wait any longer to stem the loss of life.


AARP Louisiana state president

Denham Springs