Jindal Cavuto

Former Gov. Bobby Jindal appears on Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2018.

Regarding Dan Fagan's recent column suggesting that La. voters need a more conservative Legislature, apparently, Fagan’s memory has been obscured by his MAGA hat. He doesn’t seem to remember the eight years of Bobby Jindal and his conservative Legislature.

How did that work out, Mr. Fagan? Jindal cut taxes. What was the result?

He came within a hair's breadth of bankrupting the state, leaving us $2 billion in debt. He gutted higher education, causing the universities and colleges to lose their best professors and graduate programs. He destroyed our mental health system, causing the local police agencies to become warehouses for the mentally ill, spending their valuable and scant resources doing a job for which they neither are qualified, nor capable, and putting literally thousands of these same mentally ill people out on the street as homeless.

Does Fagan think that all those people living under the overpasses want to be there? And what did that fully Republican administration accomplish?

I can’t think of a single thing.

The Republicans have demonstrated both in Baton Rouge and Washington that they have neither the ability nor aptitude to govern. To quote The Advocate editorial page of June 9,2019, “Rarely has the gap between opportunity and accomplishment been so great.” The only achievements the Legislature can point to is stopping Gov. John Bel Edwards from addressing the long-term problems caused by the Jindal disaster.

Congratulations. Mission accomplished.

Republicans keep telling us that taxes are not the answer. Well, Mr. Fagan, what is the answer?

Have the Republicans done anything to repair our roads and bridges, or do they endlessly squabble about letting the governor spend any money on infrastructure?

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Have they improved the economic climate of our state, or have they given away our money in tax benefits to wealthy companies?

Why are our schools always at the bottom in national rankings? Why are our universities losing their faculties and graduates students to other states?

Why do we have so many people without medical coverage? Why do we have only one mental health facility in the state?

Republicans have had ample opportunity to solve these problems. And the results: Nothing.

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No, Mr. Fagan, we don’t need more conservatives in the Legislature. We need more people who want to point to concrete accomplishments, not bilious clouds of empty rhetoric.

Jim Grice

retired building contractor

New Orleans