A recent article caught my attention: “State files suit against opioid makers.” It certainly is horrible when a person becomes addicted to any drug, legal or illegal, but how is the legal drug manufacturer responsible for the misuse of their product?

I wonder if the governor ever listens to his own words? He is quoted as saying, “These drug companies led prescribers to believe that opioids were not addictive ... .” Who are the prescribers? Aren’t they medical doctors? You mean to tell me that a medical doctor, licensed in the state, is going to believe some drug salesman’s pitch that opioids are not addictive? If so, what medical school did this doctor graduate from and how did he get a state license to practice?

If the governor would read his own statement, he would have to realize how stupid it sounds. Whatever happened to personal responsibility for one’s own actions? Many people who have to live with pain could not make it without these types of drugs, and they take them responsibly. I find it interesting that the governor, who is a Democrat, had the suit filed by lawyers “from the Louisiana Department of Health and the Governor’s Office” and bypassed the Louisiana attorney general’s office — who is the legal point person for the state — and is a Republican. Also, isn’t it interesting that the other states listed as filing suit are also primarily run by Democrats?

The writer of the article drew a comparison to the tobacco litigation. It appears that the concept is that if it worked once, where the state got money from the “bad tobacco company,” it might work again and the state can get some money from the “bad drug company.”

The governor also stated, “We intend to hold these pharmaceutical companies responsible for the lasting damage they had caused … .” How can this be? The drug companies produce a product that they cannot prescribe to anyone or force anyone to purchase or consume, and it is very helpful to many people that allows them to function day by day, yet they “are responsible for lasting damage.” How stupid is this statement and concept? Any judge that allows this type of action to proceed needs his head examined and evidently went to the Democrat law school of “everybody is a victim” and “no one is responsible for their own actions.”

David McLemore


Baton Rouge