Second day of qualifying a bit quieter than first _lowres

Advocate staff photo by MARSHA SHULER -- Former Gov. Edwin W. Edwards officially qualified to run for the 6th Congressional District Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014, at the Secretary of State's office.

I would like to thank the editors of The Advocate for stating that the endorsement of Edwin W. Edwards by the Democratic State Central Committee is degrading. It seems that this committee has fallen victim to the starstruck mentality that has affected the mainstream press and so many others. They are blinded and swayed by charisma and not substance.

Interesting that DSCC Chairwoman and New Orleans Sen. Karen Carter Peterson stated that, “We are proud to feature a slate of candidates that represents the Louisiana Democratic Party’s illustrious past and our proven present,” and then the committee chose Edwin Edwards, who certainly does not have an “illustrious” past. Was there no one else in that slate of candidates of which they are so proud that might represent a better path forward? Do they not remember that Edwin Edwards’ record and proven past leaves much to be desired?

Louisiana does not want the Good Old Boys to return and citizens are working very hard to elect candidates who put the people of Louisiana and good governance first.

Marilyn Richoux

retired business owner