Steve and Cokie Roberts ought to be ashamed of themselves for the content of their column in a recent edition of The Advocate.

This notion that it is perfectly fine for women to vote for a woman for president — Hillary Clinton, of course — only because she’s a woman, is an insult to every intelligent and patriotic woman in the country.

The women I know are up to date and aware of the issues that face our nation and know what is needed to set the nation back on the right course after seven years of the President Barack Obama disaster.

Blindly voting for someone because of their gender (try selling all men should only vote for men in this day and age) is just ridiculous, and no thinking woman would even consider doing so.

Luckily for the Robertses, Carly Fiorina is out of the race for the GOP nomination. If she were to become the GOP nominee for president, they would have to find another reason for trying to con women into voting for Clinton. And that would be a monumental task, since there is absolutely no reason to vote for a woman, man or anything else like Clinton.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge