This letter is in response to a letter by Don Savoie, published in your paper on Aug. 25. After reading several letters to the editor in recent weeks from defenders of the tea party, I feel compelled to offer another point of view.

While we each respect the other’s right to express our views, I have to ask a question that I haven’t seen answered anywhere. While the writer may be correct about the vitriol and name-calling directed toward the tea party, that kind of language is unacceptable in a society like ours. But, I have to say, name-calling does not end or begin with one party. Reference the tea party name-calling and hateful rhetoric directed at the president in August 2009 during the health-care debate. Try as I might, I personally do not recall the writer of these letters being outraged about that spectacle. In my opinion, if we are going to defend civility, we should do it on all sides.

Hazel Moses-Arthur

retired state employee

Baton Rouge