Thank you for your editorial of March 21 “A new effort for science.” I sincerely hope that Sen. Karen Carter Peterson is successful in her effort to get the Louisiana Science Education Law repealed, although with our governor’s control over the Legislature, I seriously doubt that she will succeed.

Just because we are the laughingstock of the nation for some of our laws and for the poor state of our schools, I doubt if there will be any change. It would be like expecting our governor to change his mind on taxes to support our schools, colleges and universities.

I do hope that one of the political reporters for The Advocate will report on the effort to get repeal though the Legislature, and which legislators voted for and against the repeal. Then we will know at least who is under Gov. Bobby Jindal’s control.

Actually, I might not completely disagree with the Science Education Law if it mandated a scientific evaluation of creationism versus Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Ray Schell

retired chemist