Why does Mayor LaToya Cantrell want her city workers to work from home?

Why does she want to move City Hall to the Municipal Auditorium?

I cannot possibly see a better work product coming from one's home, rather than from a regular office. Do all employees have a good work desk at home? Do they have the office supplies they will need? Do they have copy machines that are adequate for the work they do? Supervisors cannot supervise if employees are at home. I could go on forever listing the problems of employees working from home.

Now, let's talk about the Municipal Auditorium

Do the local residents want City Hall there? The answer is no. 

Is the Municipal Auditorium as large as City Hall in terms of workable square feet? The answer is no.

It appears that the city building inspectors were working from home and look what that resulted in. They obviously were not supervised, and look at that disaster.