Over the last few weeks, I couldn’t help noticing all the ads on TV calling Gov. John Bel Edwards a “liar” with respect to school vouchers. Considering the frequency of the ads, it was obvious this was not a grass-roots campaign. So I did a some research on the organization that was paying for them … the American Federation for Children.

James Gill wrote about the whole voucher situation in his column recently and pointed out some of the program’s failures and the involvement of the AFC. It turns out they are members of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a right-wing organization headquartered in Wisconsin. They have been working for years to do as much as they can to destroy public education to put “for-profit” schools in their place.

These organizations have been pushing their agenda under the guise of giving a better opportunity to underprivileged children for a quality education. Unfortunately, the results have not been good. While there are some excellent private schools, many, especially the ones that have cropped up to take advantage of vouchers, have not performed as well as touted, and funding for public schools has been damaged. Guess who that has affected the most? The poor … the very segment of our society they said they were trying to help.

There is much more to these organizations, including some fairly shady characters running them. I encourage everyone to do a little research, and you will see what I’m talking about. Please don’t take these ads on face value, as there is certainly a hidden agenda going on here.

We need to be fixing and strengthening our public schools. We certainly shouldn’t be doing anything to damage them.

Paul Duffy


Baton Rouge