The members of the Legislature have demonstrated, once again, their unwillingness and-or inability to take seriously and properly address the mess they created in the state. I knew revenue, education, traffic and crime were serious issues but was unaware our next most important problem was strippers.

Because the ringmaster plans to call the clowns in for a second attempt to fix the circus, an endeavor for which they certainly should not be paid, I have a couple of suggestions for their consideration.

The first is a revenue idea. Because I think it is grossly (no pun intended) unfair for old, fat, ugly men to gawk at young, slim and trim, good-looking strippers, I suggest a bill requiring the following: Do an age and a weight check of all strip club patrons and tax everyone $1 for every pound over 160 and for every year over 21 on each visit. I don’t feel an UGLY tax is appropriate because too many of us may no longer be able to meet all our financial obligations. This bill should, of course, contain a legislative exemption.

Second, if any doctors are friends of the governor and members of the Legislature, please explain the concept of stopping the bleeding prior to beginning a transfusion. Hopefully, someone in the group will grasp the concept and make an attempt to set responsible priorities going forward.

Bo Bienvenu

retired business manager