Ever pay your bills and wonder, “Why is my power bill so high?”

Believe it or not, your power bill may be on your ballot this fall. The Louisiana Public Service Commission decides almost everything about our electric utilities, from how much we pay to how much of our power is from renewable sources. It is fair to say that the members of the LPSC are five of the most powerful people in the state that most of us have never heard of.

This fall, two districts of the LPSC are contested, District 5 in northern Louisiana and District 1, which wraps around New Orleans from the Northshore to the Westbank. Commissioners elected this fall will have power over several things that affect all our daily lives.

If you want to pay less for electricity, the LPSC will vote on that. If you want to invest in solar panels and be able to get credit for the power you do not use, the LPSC will vote on that. If you want to be able to shop around for your electric power provider, the LPSC will vote on that. If you want the option to get your electric power from renewable sources, the LPSC will vote on that.

The LPSC has a say on all these things and many more, so before we all head to the polls we should all get familiar with our LPSC district. If you are in either of the districts contested this year, learn about the candidates through the scorecard soon to be released by Housing Louisiana and the digital forum to be held for the candidates at 6 p.m. Oct. 13 by the Alliance for Affordable Energy. If you are in one of the three districts not contested this year, find out who your commissioner is at lpsc.louisiana.gov.


civic engagement coordinator

Baton Rouge