An armed mob attacked the U.S. Capitol a little over a week ago.

The nation watched aghast as our House of the People was attacked by misguided “Rambo-wanna-be's” wearing what would be considered here in New Orleans as atypical/lame Mardi Gras costumes.

As a U.S. Army infantry Vietnam vet, I have to honor the incredible fire discipline of our courageous Capitol Police. They were armed, but also well-trained in an alas lost concept of fire discipline.

Faced with armed domestic terrorists, these professional police officers wisely held their fire. Protect the senators/representatives first. And their discipline/bravery led to a non-lethal clearing of the Capitol.

I urge that President Joe Biden, early in his administration, honor all of them with the truly earned Medal of Freedom.


U.S. Army, retired

New Orleans