“Happy holidays!” said the clerk to me the other day. I wanted to answer, “Hey, I don’t think so!” But when one of the workers at the store wished me what her job required, instead of getting mad or upset, I just answered her, “Not really. This is the birthday of Jesus, and that is the whole reason we have the holidays.”

I think somehow people have forgotten the whole reason we started celebrating Christmas. You see, about 2,000 years ago, unto us a child was born, unto us a son was given, in the simple village called Bethlehem. Not too far from the city of Beirut, where I was born. He came to bring us peace, that passes understanding in the midst of war, fighting and storm. Joy, unspeakable in the midst of sadness, sorrow and grief. And love, as God the Father loved you and I so much that He gave His only begotten son Jesus to die on the cross at Calvary, that you and I, when we accept this gift and believe in our hearts, we will receive forgiveness and eternal life.

The gift of Christmas is Jesus! The reason of Christmas is Jesus! And as we celebrate not only today but all the time, this gift, we are blessed to have a few days of holidays to spend with family and friends.

So remember, friend, next time someone tells you to celebrate the holiday, tell them you are celebrating the reason and not the holiday, which would mean nothing without Jesus anyway.

Blessed celebration of Jesus’ birthday!

Jasmine Doctorian Workman


Baton Rouge