After reading your story concerning the runoff between Smokie Bourgeois and Attorney John Delgado I feel that I had to respond.

As a resident of Southdowns for nearly 37 years, I can honestly say that, with the exception of Carl Crane, few councilmen have been as supportive and accessible as Smokie Bourgeois.

I, along with many other residents of District 12, have spoken out at many council meetings, time and time again, regarding issues like our failing infrastructure, Rouzan, and the Downtown Library. Councilman Bourgeois has not only been willing to listen to our concerns, regarding these issues, but has actively participated in our fight against them.

As a citizen and taxpayer of East Baton Rouge Parish, I have made it a point to attend many of the Council meetings and pay close attention to those individuals representing my district.

Before endorsing any candidate for Council we need to take a close look at their background, funding base and agenda. Delgado spent nearly $60,000 in the primary race for councilman, as opposed to Bourgeois’ $9,000. This alone makes me question who is behind the purchase of this council position and why.

When it comes to choosing a candidate for councilman of District 12 that is a no-brainer. Smokie Bourgeois has always been candid about the issues and not afraid to speak his mind. This is refreshing, with so many candidates telling you what they think you want to hear.

Smokie confirms his position with cold, hard facts and a propensity for getting to the bottom of issues. He fights to support the rights of his constituents and makes himself available to us whenever we need him.

In fact, in a recent Advocate story he was quoted as saying that the Southdowns neighborhood is a “fragile” part of the city and promises to continue to fight to keep businesses out of residential neighborhoods. This issue was brought home recently, with the media attention and public outcry, concerning an attempt to rezone the Skillman property on the corner of Stuart and Perkins Road.

Smokie Bourgeois a great councilman and deserves a second term.

Janice Calvert


Baton Rouge