I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am simply a concerned American doing his best to make informed decisions. But who is this person Ben Shapiro?

He has the audacity (Aug. 28) to imply that proof of the vaccines’ alleged failure against COVID-19 lies in the fact that 75% of our elderly are now vaccinated, yet COVID-19 persists. He conveniently fails to mention that we would not be facing the present delta variant surge had even 60% of our adults vaccinated at a time when it really mattered.

But the kicker is yet to come. Shapiro then throws up his hands in the same column and bemoans that we are stuck in a “pandemic mindset permanently,” exhorting us to live our lives with no restrictions, even as our ICUs burst at the seams. Does he really think any of us would not treasure a return to normal life?

Tragically, we have now lost more American lives to COVID-19 than during the entire four years of our Civil War.

There is journalism, and then there is sophistry. Shapiro’s pen is a menace to all we stand for as a nation. Enough is enough.


retired lawyer

Baton Rouge