041719 Thermaldyne plant North Line

In January, DEQ sidestepped hundreds of people’s protests and issued a variance to the Georgia company called Thermaldyne. This new variance authorizes Thermaldyne to locate a hazardous waste incinerator in Port Allen and essentially exempts it from hazardous waste regulations. As a Port Allen resident, this is unacceptable. We cannot allow the protection of our community and our voice to be taken from us. 

Our citizens are already plagued with too much hazardous waste entering our air, water and land. Our pleas for protection have again been ignored. Citizens from Port Allen and surrounding neighborhoods have pointed out that too many of our family, neighbors, co-workers and the public-at-large have been drastically affected by cancer. This invokes fear in the heart of anyone who has lost a loved one due to this fatal disease. Living in an area called “cancer alley,” we are tired of our local public officials, state officials, companies like Thermaldyne and now the courts, continually disregarding our concerns. What good is it we ask in having a government agency, DEQ, supposedly regulating permits, yet always siding with the plants and not those most affected by the pollution from those plants?

Please join us Monday, June 24 at 6 p.m. at the West Baton Rouge Community Center to discuss this critical situation as we continue to protect our homes and our future. Our health and the health of our children depend on it.

Diana LeBlanc


Port Allen