No football this fall? Likely.

No other big stadium/arena sports for a few years? Possible.

Imagine a near-future during which we while away our weekends with gardening, 2,000-piece puzzles, various hobbies and lonely backyard barbecues. With COVID-19 out of control and most of the population willing to suffer the consequences to public health, our economy and our national pastimes, we may have a few years of shutdown as the default, not a mandate, but a communal necessity.

If it becomes a generational shift, we will discover that huge sports events are not only unhealthy, they are unnecessary. Raccoons will move into the Assembly Center, Tiger Stadium will be converted to a tiger-rearing facility. Society will adapt and deploy more peaceful, low-impact ways to entertain itself and the universities can finally focus solely on academics … it'll be nice, as long as the beer doesn't run out!



Baton Rouge