Recently, for the second time in a few months span, I suited up to clean up trash lying shamefully alongside my main road. As I trudged along, through thick brush and slippery leaves, collecting mostly plastic, but many other pieces of debris, I couldn’t help but wonder how many birds have choked on this. How many have built their nests with this garbage? How much of this trash winds up in our ocean, polluting it and killing our marine life?

What I thought about even more is that what I was picking up was such a minute piece of the vast trashland we call litter. I can’t even begin to surmise how much more is out there, choking us, the birds, the fish. I felt like the Indian saddled on his horse, dripping a tear over the litter he had seen, while silently pleading to keep America beautiful.

As I drive about, all I see piled along the roadsides, in the medians, on the corners, everywhere, is trash. This can be prevented. I understand that not all litter is intentional, but all litter is ugly and damaging.

Please, if you have stuff in the beds of your trucks, make sure it’s weighted down before you start driving. Please do not throw litter out of your car windows. Please use permanent water bottles to lessen our dependence on the throwaway plastic bottles that severely litter roads, ditches, and eventually, the ocean. Let’s start taking pride in our city and state. Please keep trash in its proper place. Our roadways, ditches, and waterways are not meant to be trash cans. We have no right to pollute them or the animals who eat it. So, let’s cut back on the amount of plastic we use and the trash we accumulate. Maybe our landfills will not get quite as full, either. MABA: Make America Beautiful Again.

Nileta Fruge