This election is about policy and nothing else.

The government was never meant to be a giant social worker. The government is responsible for making laws beneficial to all its citizens. And in doing so it must follow the foundation of our Constitution because this, and the laws of God, were the foundation for the very founding of this country. If you don't like this idea, then go found your own country and stop trying to change mine.

Joe Biden has years of failed politics and policies under his belt. President Donald Trump has only been in politics for about three years, yet he has achieved more for America in these three years than the political machine in Washington, whom he gets very little help from, has done in decades.

And he is not being paid for it. He does not take a salary.

So, to whom are you going to entrust your future and the future of your children? If you vote for socialists, then you will get a socialist government. That is a fact. And the Democratic Party is no longer even denying their embracing of socialist ideology.

They are outright revealing who they are. Do they renounce known admitted socialists like Bernie Sanders? No. Instead, they embrace their ideology.

The word socialism is just a softer sounding word than communism. But don't be fooled because they are on the same side of the coin.

Please exercise your privilege to vote, but also choose wisely.


retired retail merchant

Baton Rouge