US Iran Trump

President Donald Trump signs an executive order to increase sanctions on Iran, in the Oval Office of the White House, Monday, June 24, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) ORG XMIT: DCAB101

President Donald Trump is incredible.

He is incredibly dishonest, incredibly delusional, incredibly devious and, what scares me most, incredibly dangerous.

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His foreign policy flirts with incredibly disastrous consequences. His words like “fire” and “fury” connote unimaginable occurrences.

What an incredible anomaly when a draft dodger becomes commander-in-chief of our military. He was 53 years late when he went to Vietnam this past February.

And what incredible hypocrisy as he constantly labels others as liars. It’s like Hitler calling the pope a trouble-maker. Incredibly, he can lie, boast and exaggerate in the same sentence.

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I don’t expect any of his supporters to be bothered by his enormously incredible deficiencies. They would simply say, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

How incredible.

Patrick J. Costa

criminal defense attorney