Before daybreak on a March 2013 morning while, driving down Choctaw Drive at Ardenwood Drive, I discovered that I had a flat tire. I pulled to the nearest well-lit area, which was Entergy Operations, at 5755 Choctaw Drive.

As two Entergy employees approached my vehicle, I was apprehensive because I thought they were going to ask me to move my car. To my surprise, they graciously offered to change the tire. I declined and thanked them as roadside service was en-route. The gentlemen stated they would come back and check on me later after their morning safety meeting.

Minutes later, a third employee stopped to offer his assistance.

I’m deeply appreciative for the kindness demonstrated by these individuals. They gave a brand new meaning to good customer service by sacrificing their time and energy to help someone in need. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Audrey Batiste

state compliance specialist

Baton Rouge