It might be that flooding on the north shore hasn’t been serious since 1983 — but can it be ignored?

Who can say what the future holds in that regard? Apparently, rivers that relied on the flow toward the other bodies of water, e.g., Lake Pontchartrain and Mississippi River, to relieve the north shore in times of such repeated events can no longer do so!

Now, as recently witnessed, water has been flowing in the opposite direction where the local rivers have been the recipients of reverse flows of unexpected tides, brought on by heavy rains and storm-driven winds, giving the water no place to go but into lower elevations/properties/homes/businesses, etc.

The north shore of Lake Pontchartrain has in the past experienced flooding, periodically from hurricanes and storms to some extent. Will the north shore have to safeguard the future for development and survival with a levee system and pumping stations that can reverse the flow and protect against flooding communities inside the levees?

Or do the politicians and our governments at all levels continue to ignore history, hoping it doesn’t happen on their watch?

All the more reason our highways, which can’t cope with present conditions, need to be upgraded and/or replaced! (And let’s just table the plans for ground-level trains for a few from New Orleans to Baton Rouge.)

Paul J. Hubbell Jr.

retired administrator