After reading yet another column in your paper (Stephanie Grace: "Intentionally or not, Brumley gives aid and comfort to crackpots", Oct. 6), I feel compelled to present another view.

There is ample hard evidence that when students miss out on in-person learning, their education is negatively impacted. Is there equally compelling hard evidence that quarantining students who have been exposed to COVID-19 for at least a week significantly reduces cases of COVID-19?

I have five grandchildren. At some point, they have each had to miss school for at least a week because they had been exposed to someone who had COVID-19. They did not come down with COVID-19. Their classmates who were also required to miss school did not come down with COVID-19.

Now, this is a small sample. But I think if someone would collect the statistics on how many of the thousands of children missing school because of exposure actually came down with COVID-19, it would be a small percentage.

It is impossible to protect children from all risk. Until we can establish the risk/reward ratio, perhaps we should withhold a decision to praise or pillory Cade Brumley.


retired educator