So the repair guys says, “It’s these new high-efficiency washers; they break more, and they don’t use hot water so the water that holds up in the pump really stinks.”

He wasn’t kidding about the stinking. Smelled like sewer gas. I’d been smelling something funny in that part of the house for months but couldn’t find it.

When my washer broke and we had to open it, I finally found the source. Because the new machines limit how hot the water can get (saving energy, don’t you know?) and how much water you use (there’s real shortage of water here in south Louisiana) all the soap isn’t dissolved, and thus residue stays and causes serious odors.

Some washers now have a cycle to clean the washer which bypasses the temperature limitations and cleans the machine. Of course you aren’t allowed to use hot water to clean the clothes next to your skin, only to clean the washer (makes sense to me).

The eco-nannies always seem to miss the mark, don’t they? Ethanol uses more energy than it produces ... fluorescent bulbs have dangerous levels of mercury ... global warming now has to be called climate change because the world isn’t warming anymore (in fact, the big fear is an ice age caused by reduced sunspot activity).

I wish they’d leave me alone and let me light my house, fuel my car and wash my clothes as I please. Is that really asking so much?

John Foster


Baton Rouge