Friends a family gather for the candle light vigil and balloon launch for Ja'Kyrie Clark at Moore Park on Monday, October 19, 2020 in Lafayette. Ja'Kyrie Clark was one of two teenagers killed during a shooting at a "teen party" in the park the Thursday before.

Reading the front-page articles Wednesday concerning the Moore Park party and shootings leaves me to wonder just where we draw the line. Not long ago we were seeing all over the news people and groups calling for “defunding” the police. Let the people police themselves.

If we allow people to police themselves, wouldn’t this be one of the direct results of self-policing? Also, is not there some sort of ordinance that requires a person or group to apply for a permit to have a gathering of that size in a public building or piece of property such as a sports park?

If there is not, there definitely should be. That way it makes that person or group personally responsible for the well-being of all attendees at such a gathering.

If there is not such an ordinance, then perhaps we should be looking at making one. It was a “planned” party or a DJ would not have been hired to play there and a security guard would not have been hired to patrol the event.

We always hurry to blame on police, city officials, etc. that we fail to even look at where the problem began -- in the home. If the party had been permitted and thoughtfully planned, it should have been allowed but in an area where it could have been properly controlled. A place where you had an entrance where all attendees could be checked for weapons and I.D.’d for ages before being allowed to attend.

From reading the article, the party should have been stopped and broken up. The article states that there were go-cups, daiquiri cups and even liquor bottles all over the place. Yet in the article it clearly states the ages of the victims of the shootings and not one of them is over 21.

We are slowly inching ourselves into a sad situation. Look into your own home environment where your children grow up and learn life’s ways before you start blaming people who had nothing to do with the ultimate outcome.


retired oilfield