LSU coach Les Miles to district attorney: 'I'm on your schedule'; DA suggests charges against players could be dropped _lowres

LSU coach Les Miles (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

How much longer will Les Miles continue to use the LSU football team as a rehabilitation center for wayward youth? I was appalled to read that Miles is allowing Anthony Jennings and three other recently arrested players, one of whom was booked with domestic abuse battery with strangulation, to return to the team because their arrests “will soon be resolved.”

This is not the first instance of LSU players running afoul of the law and not being held justifiably responsible for their actions by Miles and LSU. Most of them receive just a few weeks of suspension and back on the job, even for repeat offenders.

Miles needs to stop pandering to the thug mentality. Maybe he should review the mission statement of the department he serves. It reads, “The Louisiana State University Department of Athletics seeks to inspire academic and athletic excellence in student-athletes by challenging them to achieve the highest level of intellectual and personal development. LSU seeks to create an environment conducive to the development of student-athletes with strong core values and personal integrity that will contribute to success throughout their lives and to provide the resources necessary to pursue championships, to graduate and to become productive citizens.”

Miles’ actions are a disservice to the rest of the team members who serve as fine examples of citizens and role models for our youth. But then again, it’s all about the win at any cost for Miles rather than promoting and rewarding the ethical behavior of young men.

Remember the days when collegian football used to be about the building of character along with the win. Sadly, it is no more and Miles is just another example of what it has become. Geaux Tigers!

Jim Anderson

retired educational administrator