Smiley Anders joked recently about the voting machines Louisiana sold to Mexico. “When balloting was over, Edwin Edwards had been elected president of Mexico.”

Since Edward’s release from the federal prison, reading The Advocate’s daily following of our felon former governor, one might believe Baton Rouge has become Mexico.

The book signings, the celebrations of his speaking engagements to our schoolchildren, and his child bride in the society section of Sunday’s paper all beg me to ask the question, is this The Advocate that has reported news to my community all of my life? Where is the news?

There are people of intelligence who subscribe to your paper. We would like to read an investigative report on the story behind the story of the selection process of the downtown library project. We would like our only newspaper to address the statistics of the rise of crime, not only in our community at large, but in our neighborhoods. (i.e. the shooting recently in the parking lot of Albertson’s on Bluebonnet). Why is my paper NOT investigating, analyzing and reporting the demographics, geographical locations of crimes last year versus this year, last quarter over this quarter?

Why am I continuing to read about Edwin Edwards? His “15 minutes” of fame ended when he was sent to federal prison. Change your focus to reputable community leaders and worthy community events. Stop giving this Louisiana convicted felon airtime and start reporting some news. Please.

Tammy Rivault


Baton Rouge