President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference with Italian President Sergio Mattarella in the East Room of the White House, Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

There’s something wrong with this picture. The president of the United States is going through an impeachment hearing by the congressional Democrats. Hopefully, fair-minded people will look at the facts and come to their own conclusions, not what is being portrayed by Democrats and their media partners.

This all started with a phone call between the president and the newly elected President of Ukraine. In the conversation, the president asked the Ukraine leader to do him a favor and investigate long-standing Ukraine corruption, their involvement in the 2016 Presidential election (Given that members of their parliament were openly supporting Hillary Clinton) and to investigate the former vice president of the United States' son being hired to sit on the board of a corrupt energy company and getting paid in excess of $80,000 a month, although he had no experience in the energy business.

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In addition, the U.S. president also held up $400 million taxpayer dollars until he was comfortable with something being done about corruption, and he also felt that we were sending funds to a country that is thousands of miles from our borders, while the European Union (whose countries bordered Ukraine) were not paying their fair share. Of course, Democrats claims that it was quid quo pro and that it is an impeachable action. Keep in mind the only thing about quid quo pro came from Democrats, not anyone who was involved. The first impeachment hearing had zero support from Republicans, and the Republicans were not allowed to call their own witnesses, while Democrats obviously called anti-Trumpers, none of which has any firsthand information to present, only hearsay and innuendos. Why on earth would anyone be upset with the president being concerned about $400 million going to one of the most corrupt countries in the world? Shame on the partisans. This has all the makings of the fabricated Russian collusion claim, which is now documented to be based on a dossier which was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic party. Wake up, America.

Roder Russo