I am registered as a Republican but voted for John Bel Edwards because I thought he was the best candidate. I voted for Donald Trump twice and hope like heck I never have to vote for him again.

I consider my right to vote for any candidate who qualifies for an election sacred. I think mail-in votes are a perfectly legitimate way for people who are otherwise unable to get to the polls to vote as long as the proper security measures are in place to ensure that voter fraud is prevented. I think U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, of Baton Rouge, represented the views of many of his constituents when he voted to impeach Trump. The idea that we need term limits to prevent the candidate who would otherwise have won an election from running is ludicrous.

So now some influential political "leaders" in our state think we should have closed primaries. Quoting from Tuesday's Advocate, "Republican activists believe closing the primaries will lead to more ideological conservatives winning office" and "Closed primaries are supported by some Democrats who want their party's registered voters to have the last word in choosing Democratic candidates" and "Some activists pointed to closed primaries as a way to box candidates like Cassidy out of office."

Does this sound like free and fair elections? It's a reaction to the fear of losing a fair fight.

If a "party" has a problem winning an election it should consider the cause of the problem might be the candidate or the platform. I assure you the problem is not the people who vote.

Our "leaders" should stop trying to limit our rights and concentrate on representing the needs of the electorate.


retired engineer