Jeff Sadow in his column states in his litany of quick-fix ideas to balance the budget in Louisiana that “… canceling the most wasteful exception of them all: the film tax credit that pays back less than a quarter of every dollar given away to make movies,” would do the trick. Mr. Sadow obviously has not done his homework and did not bother to read any studies that have been done on the state’s return of investment from the film and television industry, mostly in thousands of JOBS created. Mr. Sadow conveniently fails to mention that last year, Gov. Jindal put a cap on the amount of the state’s tax credits. I want to point out that Mr. Sadow’s view on state spending always has been purely statistical. In other words, with his know-it-all statements, we are not people — people who have worked for years to learn a craft. We are not people with families and homes, with kids in schools or companies that have invested millions of dollars building infrastructure in sound stages, production offices, transportation, post-production facilities; making our living, planning for our future and paying our taxes. It’s obvious to Mr. Sadow we are just numbers that don’t add up in his statistical world. This attack on our livelihood is from a man who is an associate professor at LSU in Shreveport, whose salary is being paid for by OUR tax dollars. A statistician who makes constant attacks on any form of government spending, including cutting elementary and secondary education but not higher education where he resides. This from a man who has railed vehemently against Medicaid expansion in the state, yet he gets a portion of his health insurance paid for by OUR tax dollars. Where would New Orleans be post-Katrina without government help, along with citizens rolling up their sleeves and cleaning up their homes and neighborhoods? In addition to statistician, Mr. Sadow should add hypocrite to his ré sumé .

Oley Sassone


New Orleans