Which country leads the world in building and installing renewable energy facilities? Hint: It's a country that is sitting on vast coal reserves. Answer: Communist China. Why would they do this? I can think of two reasons: Environmental and strategic.

Cleaning up the environment has a positive effect on public health. Public health is a costly proposition no matter which government in power is. Better public health saves money. The strategic part is more concerning. The less they have to depend on outside sources the more prepared they are for aggressive actions against other nations. They've been rattling sabers for years now.

Perhaps Louisiana would do well constructing and installing renewable energy infrastructure. The state could become a leader manufacturing the components needed for that infrastructure. All that could create thousands of jobs. Relying on the oil business is a bad bet. All the massive concessions over the years couldn't keep corporate offices in New Orleans. All those white-collar jobs went elsewhere. Offshore jobs fluctuate with crude oil supply and demand. Giving oil companies giant concessions to extract oil that exists in our offshore waters seems a bad deal. Where else would they drill?


retired engineer