Regarding “New Orleans man stabs man three times after fighting over boxing match”: The crime that happened involving the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight was a very unintelligent choice by the unknown man who decided to stab another man. Reading this brief summary of what happened on The Advocate online, I think it seems like this crime could possibly be behind money.

One man bet on Pacquiao and lost, or vice versa, and didn’t want to pay another. Or, it simply could have been the man being upset because all of his faith was in Pacquiao.

With that being said, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was victorious in the fight.

The stupid choice made by the first man was really uncalled for, and now he will have to pay the consequence. Pacquiao went home with $120,000,000 after this fight, so I’m pretty sure the stabbing because of a loss didn’t have to take place. In my eyes, Pacquiao won big time.

Romin Williams